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Book Bolt Studio Issues: Page is Stuck When Downloading a Project

If you are downloading a project and it gets stuck at for example, Page 150 of 151 for a long time that means the browser was not able to save one of the pages, which means the project could not be downloaded.

Common reasons this can happen is:

  • The page contains large images and the computer does not have enough RAM on their computer or laptop.
  • The page did not get sent properly because of internet connection issues and can not be rendered in PageVision script.
  • Page was not processed properly on the server and can not be rendered in PageVision script.

What you can do:

  • Scroll down the Page List on the left hand side of the studio. Look for a page that does not have a preview on it.
  • Click on that page so you can see it in your workspace. You may have to remove an image, or move something around and click save. If you can see the preview now on the Page List this could mean the issue has been resolved.
  • Download project again, it will not have to process all 151 pages, just the one you fixed.
  • You could re-add what you deleted after making sure the project downloads and then press save, see if you can see preview of that page in the Page List and download again.