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How Do I Add Page Numbers to a Book?

You can easily add page numbers to any book you are creating, just follow the steps below. Keep in mind you should leave blank space on the book where you want to place the page number,

When you are inside the studio in your project, click on the templates icon,

The very first template is on the left, top row, click on it,

Select All at the top of the page, de-select any pages you don't want to number. Perhaps you don't want page one in your project numbered, because you have a QR Code on it, you would click on page 1 to de-select that page. You can individually select the pages you want numbered as well, then press next,

At this point you are presented with a lot of options, margins, font choices, size, color as well as alignment,

Enter all your choices and then press "submit",

If you don't want to see the word "Page" in front of your numbers in your book, delete ONLY the word "Page" so you are left with PAGE_NUMBER only in the field, "Text Template". Be sure to delete the one space after the word "Page",