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How do I add text effects?

Book Bolt studio comes with multiple different text effects that can all be edited and customized to your liking! 

Begin by adding some text to the canvas by selecting the text option in the left hand menu: 


This will allow you to see that you have a few options: 

  • Heading 
  • Regular multiline text 
  • Circular text 
  • Bridge text 
  • Text with variants 

Once you select an option, text will be added to the screen and selected. You will then have the options to edit this in the top menu:  


In this case, we have selected circular text. 

To edit this text, you can click on the edit text button in the top menu.  


One of the most important things you can do when editing text effects, is change every little aspect of it. 

For example, with circular text, you can change the mode in which it works by selecting a circle or an ellipse, as well as the radius. 

You can also change which way it is curving and HOW it is curved by changing the baseline. In this case, we changed the type to inside (which flips the curve), and changed the baseline to middle. This will fix any spacing issues if the font looks a little weird when curved: 


You also have options for editing text color, adding shadow, and even background colors from the menus up top:  


Play around with it, every single text effect can be edited!