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How do I mask a layer?

 Adding masks to your covers and interior files is a great way to spice it up and bring the creativity to KDP. 

The Book Bolt Studio makes this very easy. 

Here are the steps you need to take to get your first mask completed. 

Step 1: Add a layer that can be masked. 

For this step, we are going to add a single piece of text: 


I have added the words “mask tutorial”. 

We now have the option to select the mask in the left hand menu here: 


Once the mask is selected, you will see that there are no suitable objects to mask! 

This is because there is not an image yet: 


Step 2: Add your image to mask 

You then want to add your image. You can do this in your image library in the left hand menu, which will place the image over top of your text: 


Now, select the mask again: 


Notice how the image is selected on the screen? 

We need to make sure that the TEXT is selected, and not the image so that it masks properly. 

If you ever get stuck, you can click on the “how it works?” button: 


Following the directions, lets go all the way to the objects field on the right hand side of the screen, and select the text: 


We now see that the text is selected, and the mask menu looks good! 

Finally, we need to select the image in the menu: 


Click on create mask, and there you have it, mask created!