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How do I upload my own interior?

If you purchased an interior template from somewhere else, or you have created one on another software, you can still use that inside of the Book Bolt Studio! 

In order to do this, follow these steps. 

The first step is to click on the image library by selecting the picture frames in the left hand menu here: 


This will open up the image library. 


The great thing about the Book Bolt Studio is that the image library can upload PDF files and automatically turn them into 300 DPI images, so you can add these to your interior pages. 

Say for example that we have a PDF which you can see here, and is a calendar: 


We can upload this to the image library by dragging and dropping it into the window.

Just like that, it shows up in the list (you can see the name sales calendar.pdf, but it is actually an SVG now. 

Then, select the image by clicking on it. 


This then adds the 300 DPI PNG to the page!