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How Do You Add Bullet Points in the Studio?

You can hold down the "Alt" key on your keyboard, while doing so, type 0183. This will produce ยท to use like a bullet point.

Alternatively you could create a list in MS word or another word processor, then highlight your list and copy it.


Once your list is copied, than go to the Book Bolt Studio and click the "Text" icon and pick any text, in this case we will pick "Regular Multiline Text", Click "Text Size" make the Text something like 20 Point. Double click (maybe triple click if double doesn't work) inside the box to highlight all the words, or just highlight all the text by holding left mouse button and dragging the mouse until all highlighted, then press CTRL V on your keyboard to paste it inside the Text Box.


For Mac users, holding down the option key and pressing 8 will do a bullet point. 

To see other special characters on a mac press CTRL CMD & SPACE to open Character Viewer.

On a PC with Windows, click your start button and type in character map and it will show up, click it to open it.