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How do you export as a vector to be used somewhere else?

You can use Book Bolt studio to create all sorts of amazing designs, but with many programs, you are simply left with a PDF that you can not do anything with! 

Book Bolt studio fixes all of that by not only allowing you to download certain pages as a PDF (as well as complete projects), but we have added the ability to download single pages as SVG vector files that can be used in any program that you want. 

To do this, you will first need to have something created on a page: 


To illustrate this, we have put together this quick page. 

Let’s say we wanted to download this as a vector, so that we can bring it over into another program. 

To do that, you would go to page in the top menu, and click on Export to SVG: 


This will then download the page as an image, as you can see here on my browser: 


and can be used anywhere you would like!