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How do you save a page that you can edit later?

Sometimes, you want to download the files to your computer so that you can work on them later, or simply because you are cleaning up all of your projects for a better user experience. 

No matter what it is, we have added the ability to download project files inside of Book Bolt studio. 

Project files are NOT files that can be uploaded to Amazon KDP, but files that can be uploaded again at any time to the Studio, and begin working on them again. 

Let’s say that we have this page we worked on, and we want to have the ability to upload this at any time:  


To do this, we would go to the top menu and click on page, and then click on save as file: 


This file will then be saved to your computer, and can be uploaded at any time. 

So, we have cleared it out of this project, and we want to upload the same exact page: 


We would go to page from the top menu, click load from file, and select that page: 


 and just like that, it’s back! 

These files download as well inside of the “source” folder when download a complete project.