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How do you save your progress?

Book Bolt Studio will automatically save your progress as you work on both your cover, or your interior. 

However, there may be times where you will want to save your progress at a certain point, so that you can come back later where you left off. 

There may also be times that you are switching from page to page quicker than the auto save is functioning, so you will want to save your progress as well. 

To save what you are working on to leave your computer for a while, or simply save your progress before you switch to another page, click on the “save” function in the top menu bar: 


When something is saved, or is auto saved, you will see a green “saved” message here. 

If you are making changes and moving quickly, you will know your work is not saved when you see this:  


As you can see, this is unsaved, and you can simply click on the blue save button to save it. 

If you would like to revert any changes or updates that you did, you can move forward, or move backwards by using the different save points located on the far right of the top menu here: