How to create your first book project

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

To create your first book project, you will need to select a few different options.  

First, you will want to log into the Book Bolt Studio here:


If this is your first time creating a project in the Studio, you will need to select a Project Type, a Project Name, a Trim Size, an Interior & Paper Type, as well as bleed and page counts: 


You have a few different options when it comes to Project Type: 

  • Paperback: Cover and Interior 
  • Paperback: Cover 
  • Paperback: Interior 
  • Hardcover: Cover and Interior 
  • Hardcover: Cover 
  • Hardcover: Interior 

You will also have the option to select a custom size option. 

The Project Name field is the name of your book project. Make sure this is named so it is easily identifiable if you save your project inside of the Studio. 

The trim sizes available are the exact ones that you can select on Amazon KDP. Remember, anything you create in the studio is upload ready. 

Finally, you can select the interior and paper type. For the cheapest printing on Amazon, we recommend that you stick with the default of black and white interior with white paper and select bleed. 

The number of pages you select will be the number of pages added to your new book project. 

Once your options are selected and filled out, click on create project! 


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