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How to edit an SVG vector graphic

Book Bolt Studio has lots of options for customizing SVG graphics. Since these are vector files (a math equation to make sure you can make the image as big or as small as you want without distorting the image), you can also customize these to fit your designs. 

To do this, first upload your SVG file to the image library and add it to the canvas. 


Once the vector is on the canvas, you will see the top menu has the option for replacing the color here: 


Click on this menu option, which will bring up the replace color menu:  


There are lots of options inside of here, but the most important is that you select the β€œpipette” first. 

This will then let you select a color ON the canvas that you would like to change. 

Hover your mouse over a color on the canvas after selecting the pipette, and you will see the color change. Once you have the right object selected, click on the vas. 

This will then bring up the options. In this case, we clicked on the little hearts, which you can see are a light blue: 


Next, start playing with the color selector to pick a new color for this part of the vector file. Once you are happy with your selection, click on ok. 


Just like that, we have changed the hearts to red!