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How to fill up the interior using the pre-made templates

In order to fill up your interior pages inside of Book Bolt studio, you must select an interior that is offered. 

To do this, log in to the Book Bolt studio, and create or load a previous project that you have worked on. 

You will then need to click in the left hand menu what looks like a maze. 

This opens up the interior templates library: 


The Interior Templates Library can be filtered by free templates, Pro templates, as well as by tag or liked. 

If this is your first time using the Book Bolt Studio, start by clicking on one of the templates that you like. 

Many of them have different variants and some are even customizable. 

Letโ€™s start by selecting a โ€œruledโ€ interior that has 3 variants by clicking on it: 


If a template has multiple variants, this will open up a new page with these options:  


Select the variant that you would like to use. 

The next page will allow you to pick which pages you want to apply this interior to. You can select any page you want, and then click on next: 


The next page will allow you to change things about the template including top, bottom, left and right margins, as well as the space between each of the lines.  

You can also change the colors of certain aspects of the interior, as well as the width of the lines: 


In this example, we have changed the stroke width down to just 1 pixel, and are making each line aqua blue. 

Once happy, select submit and the template will be auto imported into your project: