How to group layers together

1 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

 In order to group different layers together, you must first have at least 2 objects on a project page or cover. 

Once you do, you will see each object in the right hand menu: 


In this case, you can see that we have added both a heading to the page, as well as an image.  

If we want to group the objects together, so that they move at the same time when we drag and drop them around the screen, we will need to create a new folder. 

You can either highlight the objects like this: 

and then right click on the screen to create a new folder, or you can simply click on the “plus” icon, to create a new folder. 

This will bring up a popup that asks you to give the folder a name: 


Once named, click OK. These objects are now in a grouped folder: 


Once this is done, click on the 3 little dots next to the folder name: 

This will bring up the folder options where you can group the objects together: 


You can now move around the objects on the screen once this is selected, and they will be together.  

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