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How to upload your own graphics

The Book Bolt Studio allows you to upload your own graphics to the image library that can be used in your design of a cover or an interior. 

To do this, first, load in a new project or a previous project in the Studio. 

Once you have a project loaded in, click on the images tab in the menu that looks like 2 picture frames: 


This will bring up the Image library. 

To upload your image, simply click on the upload file button, or drag and drop your file into this window. 

Currently, Book Bolt Studio will accept JPG files, PNG Files, and SVG Files. 

You can upload a PDF to the image library, but if you do, this will automatically be converted into a high quality image file so that you can place it on the screen. 

To add the image that you have uploaded to your cover or interior, simply click on the image which will place it on the canvas.