How To Use The Book Bolt Lister To List Books In Bulk On Amazon KDP

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 Book Bolt’s Lister allows Amazon KDP sellers to automatically upload batches of low-content books on the platform instead of doing it manually in a time-consuming process.  

The tool is a Chrome extension available to Book Bolt subscribers that allows you to list your low-content books on Amazon KDP much faster than any other way.  

Where Can You Find The Book Bolt Lister? 

In your Book Bolt account, you need to click on the Research tab at the top of the page on the left-hand side and then scroll down and click on Book Bolt Lister. 


It will bring you directly to the Chrome store. Once there, you can click on “Add the extension” and it will be added to your Chrome browser. The extension will appear in the extension tray of Chrome. 


Simply click on the puzzle icon. You will find it under the name of either “Book Bolt Lister” or it will be called the “Kindle Uploader”. All you have to do is click on it and it will open up the extension. This will bring up a page with three main tabs: Profile, Settings, and Import/Export. 


The extension is actually the back-end of the Book Bolt Lister. First, you’ll need to set up a profile to pre-fill all the information that you would normally add on Amazon KDP. This information will be hotkeyed to your computer. What this means is that every time you want to add a new book, all you’ll have to do is just click on the shortcut on your keyboard and it will automatically fill out all the relevant information on the Amazon KDP page. 

Setting Up Your Profile 


First, open up the Book Bolt Lister and click on “Add”. This will allow you to create a new profile. It’s important and necessary for every new low-content book seller on the Amazon platform. The first box will be the box for the hotkey you choose. For example, “shift + 1” can be your hotkey and you can later use it for other listings, too. 

Once a hotkey has been identified, you will need to manually fill out all your details. These include the title, subtitle, the author’s first name, and last name. The last name will be the name of your brand. 


You’ll then need to enter your description. It’s important at this stage to ensure that it is relevant to what you’ll be uploading. For example, if you’re uploading a wedding planner for a particular year, the description needs to accurately describe this wedding planner using all the relevant keywords that you found during the research process you undertook using Book Bolt’s other modules.  

Under the description, you will see a total of seven empty boxes, which are reserved exclusively for your keywords. These need to be entered into the relevant fields.  


Next up, you need to select your categories. Of course, you can manually sift through each one but this can be a highly time-consuming process. Instead, use the Book Bolt KDP Categories module to help you find the right category. 


After the categories have been chosen, you will need to select the trim size of your book as well as the cover finish. 


Finally, you’ll need to make sure that you select the checkbox at the bottom of the page to “active”. If it’s not set to “active”, then the hotkey you would like to use won’t actually work. When you’re done, simply click on “Done”. You’ll then see one profile that has been completely filled out and your hotkey has been prepared. 


The next step is to login to your Amazon KDP account and click on “Add a new book”. This will take you to an empty form on which nothing will be filled in yet. Since this will be a brand new book or set of books that you’re adding and you’ve already pre-filled a template out on the Book Bolt Lister, you can simply use the previously set up hotkey (in our case, shift + 1). 

It will then automatically enter all the information you entered in the Book Bolt Lister and it will take just one second to do. You will not be required to re-enter all of the previously entered information in each of the fields. You can then click on “Save and continue” and go to the next page. 

The Book Bolt Lister is excellent for helping you upload your low-content book products very quickly, especially if you are using the same keywords over again. 

The Import/Export function in Book Bolt Lister 


The Import/Export tab will contain the following options with their corresponding meaning: 

● Replace all profiles: This enables you to import all your previously pre-created profiles 

● Append profiles: This enables you to change, edit, or add to existing profiles 

● Save all profiles: This option enables you to save and download all the profiles in a .csv file on your computer 

● Open tabs with titles: This enables you to upload a .csv file containing a Book Bolt Lister profile from your computer, and immediately go to your Amazon KDP account with the information contained in the uploaded profile, already pasted in the relevant new listing boxes. 

Utilizing the Book Bolt Lister on Amazon KDP  

The perfect way to use the Book Bolt Lister is when you would like to list multiple no- and low-content books on Amazon KDP that have only slight variations.  

For example, say that you would like to upload a no-content notebook or journal that you’ve got in different color variations. The easiest option for listing all of these books is by creating a dedicated profile in Book Bolt Lister. 

Enter all the relevant data in your dedicated Lister profile and start uploading the items on Amazon KDP using the profile’s shortcut. And just before going to the next page, simply substitute “green” for “purple” etc.  

The same is true for low-content books such as planners and calendars. One of the main differentiating aspects of these types of products is the year. So for example, you may have a calendar for 2022, 2023, 2022-2025, and others. All you’d need to do is change the numbering in your profile and you’re ready to proceed to your Amazon KDP account.  

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