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How to use the different effects in Book Bolt Studio

 We have built in multiple different effects into Book Bolt studio. 

These options become accessible and customizable once you have added a layer to the project. 


In this case, we have added an image of a tree, which will open up the options at the top menu bar once the tree layer is selected. 

To access the effects, click on effects in the top menu, which will bring up the different image effects.  

You can click on these to change the layer you have selected: 


In this case, we have decided to greyscale out the image AND invert the colors. 

Once an image effect is in place, you can also adjust the effect that is in place by clicking on the β€œadjust option. This will bring up a new menu which you can play around with: 


Once happy, you can click on Ok in the menu and the image will be changed.