How To Utilize Book Cloud In Your Niche Research

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 As a recreation of Amazon’s database, Book Bolt’s Cloud module is a powerful toolkit for conducting detailed research on Amazon KDP. It can help you enter, succeed and profit from a niche by exploring all the metrics that make up the success of the best-selling books. 

It is the primary Book Bolt module for both experienced and beginner merchants that can be used to improve your overall strategy, attract more buyers to your listings, and enjoy higher sales volumes as a result. 


Here is how the Cloud module will help you do your niche research on Amazon KDP.

What can Book Bolt’s Cloud module offer sellers?

To put it briefly, the Cloud tool in Book Bolt permits sellers to discover the best-selling listings from the low- and no- content book categories on Amazon KDP. Sellers can customize and filter down their search to receive information that is relevant and useful for their research. As a result, the tool will display detailed information about every listing individually, in addition to summaries from all of the results. 

Users will have access to key data such as average prices, lowest and highest price, average BSRs or bestseller rank, and keywords used in the top-performing listings. Additionally, you can narrow down your findings and observe individually how each listing is priced, analyze historic pricing and BSR data, look at book cover designs, titles, estimated monthly sales, and more. 

Let us now explore how this information can help you conduct niche research on Amazon KDP.

How to use the Cloud tool to perform niche research

The Cloud tool can help experienced users make informed decisions regarding the profitability of a given niche. It will also provide an estimation of its attractiveness to buyers, and its ease of entry. In a similar manner, the tool can help beginner sellers get started on Amazon KDP by entering a new category or niche that offers a low-hanging fruit. 

Here’s how you can use the module to do all of this.

Step 1: Filter your search

Let’s imagine that you’re interested in entering the puzzle book category. You are interested to see which puzzle book niches are most profitable, how successful sellers from the category are pricing their listings, and how well puzzle books sell in general. This information can help you toe the line and enter the market prepared. 


Start off by customizing your search on the Cloud tool. Select the ‘puzzle book’ from the category filter, choose how many top sellers you want to see, and choose a BSR and price range. For this example, it is advisable to see more than 100 listings. This way, the summed information you’ll see in the results will be taken from a larger number of listings, rather than only the 100 bestsellers. Why is this important? Because it will represent a more realistic overview of the category overall. Click the ‘Search’ button and allow Book Bolt to work its magic. 

Step 2: Look at the average BSR


Once the tool has displayed the results, you’ll see several different sections of information. The first place that you want to look is the ‘Results data’ box. Find the ‘Average BSR’ section first and examine it. This section reveals the average best seller rank for all top-selling listings from the category you’ve chosen. If you’ve chosen to look at the top 500 listings, this section is an average of all of these listings. The lower the Average BSR number, the more sales the listings have scored. 

This section can quickly help you understand if a book category is sellable or popular among buyers. If you notice that even the top-performers from a category or niche don’t thrive with a low BSR, this could be a clear sign that it’s worth searching for money-making opportunities elsewhere. 

Step 3: Analyze the keyword count


Next, spend a few moments analyzing the ‘Keyword count’ section. Here, you’ll see the most popular keywords used in the listings from the results, along with how many times they have been used. One benefit to gain from this section is getting a ton of interesting keyword ideas that you can incorporate into your own listings. However, the true power of this section lies elsewhere. It can be utilized to help you spot popular niches within a specific category. 

Let’s take the puzzle book category from above. Puzzle books can be anything from word searches, mazes, sudokus, hangman puzzles, crosswords, and more. If you notice that words like ‘maze’ and ‘word search’ are used more often in listings, this could be a sign that these particular niches are extremely popular and sought after by buyers. On the other hand, you can choose to go for the sitting duck and go for the keywords that are used the least. Why? Because this means that their competition is low, enabling new entrants to conquer the space. 

Step 4: Consider the average price

Another key insight that you want to look at when performing your niche research is the average price section. As a seller, your profits are dependent not only on the number of sales you generate but on Amazon royalties. Every product category offers different royalties for sellers. It’s no secret that, in most cases, the higher the price of the product - the higher the royalty. 

The Cloud module can instantly reveal how listings in certain niches are priced. Apart from the average price, it will also show you the lowest and highest prices. By using this information, you can adapt your pricing strategy to fit the market. You can also gain an idea of what types of royalties you can expect to earn.

Step 5: Inspect the top-performing book cover designs


When it comes to creating successful low- and no-content books on Amazon KDP, book design is crucial. The Cloud tool displays the book cover of every top-selling listing in the search results. How can this be useful for you as a seller? It will save you hours of manual browsing on Amazon. By using Book Bolt’s Cloud tool, you will get an instant view of the top-performing cover designs to spot patterns like popular colors, trendy themes, font styles, and more. 

For example, say you discover that the color brown doesn’t appear anywhere among the best performers from a category. It would be a reasonable choice to stay away from this color in your own designs. Why? Because your research brings to light that it’s not popular in the niche and there’s a high chance buyers won’t react well to it. 

Step 6: Look at the estimated monthly sales 


You’ve already inspected the average BSR of the category. However, the Cloud tool also enables you to peek into the estimated monthly sales of every listing individually. This will spill the beans about what sales volumes you can expect if you manage to climb up the mountain and turn into a top performer in the category. Considering the average price from above, you can project how much you could earn in royalties once you’ve settled into the category and become successful. 

Wrapping up

Book Bolt’s Cloud module is a valuable tool that sellers can utilize to conduct niche research. The insights gained from the tool can support you in making the right decisions regarding your seller strategy and your future growth on Amazon KDP.

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