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Live Seller Search Module Basics

Book Bolt’s Seller search module is designed to enable users to research any other seller on Amazon KDP and receive real-time insights. The tool is extremely useful for gaining a better understanding of what competitors are doing, how many active listings they have, what types of books they’re selling, and more. 

If you’ve previously noticed a book that performs exceptionally well, finding more about the seller can help you spot ideas for improving your own seller strategy.


Getting to know the seller


Once you are logged into your Book Bolt account, you will find the Seller module on the left-hand menu. When you click on it, you will be redirected to a page with a search box. Insert the name of the seller you’ve chosen to research in the search box and click ‘Search’.

The tool will feed back the following information:

  • Total results - The total number of listings pulled back from the seller’s or brand’s profile. Keep in mind that the Seller module will not provide a full overview of all active listings by the seller. Instead, it will only show the bestsellers, as these are the listings that will be important for your competitor research.
  • Average BSR - The best seller rank or BSR is a score listings receive based on historical sales. The lower the BSR, the more successful a listing has been on Amazon.  
  • Lowest price - The lowest price per listing found from the bestsellers listed by the brand or author
  • Highest price - The highest price found from the seller's top-performing listings
  • Average price - The average price of best-selling books listed by the seller

All of this information can be found at the very top of search results. 

Keywords insights


As you scroll down, you will see two separate sections. One is dedicated to listing details, while the other captures important keyword information. 

Keyword information is presented on the right-hand side of the page. It is divided into two sections - ‘Keyword count’ and ‘Related keywords’. The keyword count shows the keywords that have been used in the listings from the results, along with a number showing how many times they have appeared. This section can quickly help you spot patterns, see what types of niches the seller is active in, and give you ideas for popular keywords to use in your own listings. 

The ‘Related keywords’ section, on the other hand, displays a list of keywords related to the keyword used in your search. In this case - the seller name. For instance, if you’ve performed a search using a brand name or seller name ‘Tribe Novelis’, examples of related keywords could be ‘tribe novelist puzzle series’ or ‘tribe novelist moon design’. Next to every keyword, you’ll also see a number, which shows the monthly search volume. In other words, this number represents how many times buyers on Amazon have searched for this keyword.

Listing details


Book Bolt’s Seller search tool will also enable you to observe every listing from the results separately. You will notice an individual box for every listing, where you can gain insights into:

  • The listing’s full title - All the text from a listing title, including keywords, numbers, and more.
  • Authors - The name of the seller.
  • ASIN - The Amazon Standard Identification Number, which is a unique ten-digit alphanumeric code that is used for product identification on Amazon.
  • Price - The price of the specific listing.
  • Reviews - How many reviews the listing has received and what its overall rating is.
  • BSR - The best seller rank of the specific listing.
  • Description - You can click on the ‘Show’ button next to ‘Description’ to be redirected to the full listing page on Amazon. Here, you will be able to see the full product description. 

The Seller search module on Book Bolt offers detailed insights into sellers and helps with competitor research. It’s a great way to find out more about a seller’s strategy, what niches they are in, what their pricing strategy is, how diverse their product portfolio is, and more. These insights, combined with other tools from Book Bolt, help sellers improve their performance on Amazon KDP.