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Niching Down Using Book Bolt’s Cloud And Products Tools - Advanced Amazon KDP Research

Niches are an exceptionally valuable component of your seller strategy on Amazon KDP. Although you may need to invest some extra time in discovering profitable and easily accessible niches, your efforts will be rewarded in the long term. Creating niche products will enable you to boost the visibility of your listings, target a more specific audience, and increase your chances of landing sales. It will also give you the opportunity to create more loyal customers. In a nutshell, niching down empowers you to outperform your competition and boosts the chances of you enjoying higher profits in the end. 

Book Bolt is designed to help Amazon KDP sellers gain insights into specific niches. This allows you to make informed choices and stay ahead of the game.


Here’s how you can employ two of Book Bolt’s tools - Cloud and Products - to niche down and create top-selling listings.

Using the Cloud tool

The Cloud tool in Book Bolt offers sellers the opportunity to quickly analyze the top-selling listings from a specific category. 

Say you have a personal interest in coloring books and you want to focus on creating top-quality products from the category. However, coloring books could target so many different niches. For instance, you may choose to sell coloring books with animals, adult coloring books, mandala coloring books, and more. How do you know which niches are easy to enter, attractive to buyers, and profitable for you as a seller?

Book Bolt’s Cloud tool can help you get started. Run a search on the module, filtering your search to only show results from the coloring book category. At this stage, you want to browse through all of the bestsellers to get ideas and inspiration. 


Leave the rest of the filters as they are and click on the ‘Search’ button. 

In a few seconds, the Cloud tool will display the best-selling products from the chosen category. You’ll also be able to get a general idea of the performance of the top sellers by looking at the average BSR for the shown results. Some other key insights you’ll have access to are the lowest and highest prices, average prices, as well as detailed information on each listing individually. 

By carefully observing the listings, you’ll uncover books that are part of the same niche. Perhaps there are a ton of animal-related book covers in the results. Or maybe mandala patterns are prevailing. Choose a hot selling listing that grabs your attention or that is part of a recurring niche in the displayed results. Copy the title of the listing and take your research to the Products module

Using the Product search module

Products search has some similarities with the Cloud tool. Similarly, it is a tool used to display the best selling products on Amazon KDP. Products search uses real-time data from Amazon to feed back relevant results based on a keyword that you’ve inserted in the search box. It will also filter down results according to the category that you’ve selected. To gain a realistic understanding of a niche, it’s advisable to use the Cloud module in combination with the live product search. This will help you compare results, measure competition, and make all of the right choices for your seller strategy. 

Here’s how to perform your research using the Product tool. Remember, our main objective is to see how competitive the niche of your chosen listing from the Cloud tool is. 

Searching with the whole listing title


To start your Products live search, copy the whole listing title and paste it into the Products tool’s search box. As a result, you’ll be presented with a wide diversity of details. You will be able to see how many top-selling products the tool has brought back, the average BSR of listings that use the keywords from the title, in addition to their lowest, highest, and average prices. 


Pricing in the niche

Instantly, you can use these insights to get an idea of how you can price your listings if you were to enter the niche. 

How? By inspecting what other top-performing sellers are doing. Let’s imagine that the results suggest that the lowest price in the niche is $2.99, the highest is $90.00, and the average is $7.00. This indicates that although there are some bestsellers selling for $90.00, they’re more of an exception rather than a rule. We can conclude this because of the average price of $7.00, which is dramatically lower than $90.00. In other words, more listings from the niche are priced closer to $7.00 as opposed to $90.00.


Best seller rank


Next, you can observe the BSR or best seller rank. There are two BSR-related pieces of information worth your attention - the average BSR and the BSR of individual listings. They will tell you how well the top performers from the niche sell. You will also be able to see how each individual listing performs. By analyzing other elements from the listing, like title, price, book cover design, and description, you can detect what makes it a chart-topper. When creating your own listings, you can use this information and adapt it to your products. 

Keyword count


Another live data that the Product tool will present is the keyword count of the displayed results. In other words, this section shows the keywords that were most frequently used in listings from the results, along with how many times they have been used. This information is great for uncovering sub-niches or micro-niches. You can use them as inspiration to niche down even further. For example, instead of focusing on the niche ‘coloring books for adults’, you could be even more specific and create a listing for ‘mandala-patterned coloring books for adults with animals’. 

Related keywords


Related keywords are also a gem for sellers searching for profitable and rewarding niches. They will reveal interesting keywords that are related to the ones from your search. In addition, the section will display the search volume of each keyword. This will give you a clear understanding of how popular each keyword is among buyers on Amazon. If there’s enough search by consumers, you can rest assured that the niche comes with a lot of money-making opportunities. 

Picking individual keywords from the title  

Remember, so far we’ve only searched on Product search using the full listing title discovered via the Cloud tool. You can repeat the process and narrow down your search even further. How? By searching for individual keywords found in the listing. For example, let’s take an imaginary listing title like ‘Mandala patterns: Stress-relief coloring book for adults with mandala patterns and animal coloring pages’. From this title, we can extract the following keywords:

  • Mandala 
  • Mandala patterns
  • Stress-relief coloring book
  • Coloring book for adults
  • Animal coloring pages

You can use each one to run an independent search. This will give you even more niche ideas and insights that will help you create a specific product for a tailored audience. 

In conclusion

The Cloud and Products tools in Book Bolt are invaluable modules that can help you niche down and create products that will sell. When used simultaneously, they can offer a powerful way to perform research and make informed decisions. They can help you discover new niches, explore the competition, and improve your strategy.