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I Am New & I Need Help Learning, What is the Best Way?Top 10 Most Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat Project Type Should I Pick For My Book - NOT Interior Only and Cover Only - KDP Rejection, Size is Not as ExpectedWhat Do I Do Now That I Have Published My Book(s) / Why Don't I Have Any Sales?Pricing of Books When Books are NewerAmazon Advertising Tips & TweaksBOOK BOLT RESEARCH HELPBOOK BOLT MARKETING HELPLive Calls Index for Searching Topics - January 2024 to December 2024Live Calls Index for Searching Topics - May 2023 to December 2023Live Calls Index for Searching Topics - December 2022 to April 2023[AMAZON ADS] How Can I See all of my Bills From my Amazon Ads?[AMAZON ADS] How Do I Find Keywords People Used in Searches to See my Ad?[AMAZON ADS] How Do I Run Ads on the Books I Published?[AMAZON ADS] How Do I See How My Campaigns Are Doing?[AMAZON ADS] Is There A Way to Figure Out Organic Sales and Your Ad Sales[AMAZON ADS] Turn Off Ads and Is There a Way to Not See My Active Ads Anymore?[AMAZON MARKETING] Can We Have a Website With Our Books, Linking to our Page on Amazon? Or Other Social Media?[AMAZON MARKETING] How Can I Add A Plus for My Book?[AMAZON MARKETING] How Can I Gain More Reviews With QR Codes?[AMAZON MARKETING] How Can I Make A Picture of My Cover or Interior Pages For A Plus?[AMAZON MARKETING] How Do You Get Around Having no Reviews on Books and Create Confidence to Seller?[AMAZON MARKETING] How Long Does it Take for my A Plus Content to Appear?[AMAZON MARKETING] Is There a Way to Use Email Marketing for Customers That Get Your Books?[AMAZON QUESTION] Amazon Put My Book on Sale, Will I Still Make the Same Royalty as I Did Before?[AMAZON QUESTION] Can I Order a Book I Created on Amazon at a Reduced Price?[AMAZON QUESTION] How Can I Get My Back Cover To Appear On Amazon?[AMAZON QUESTION] Is There a Way to Not Show the Look Inside Feature or Pick the Pages People See?[AMAZON QUESTION] My Book Just Got Approved, But it Won't Show Up When I Search For It, Why Not?[AMAZON QUESTION] My Book Just Went Live, Why Can't I Find it on Amazon? (I Want to Give a Link to Friends)[AMAZON QUESTION] The Look Inside / Read Sample / Back Cover Isn't Showing, Why Not??[AUTHOR CENTRAL] How Can I Get An Authors Page?[AUTHOR CENTRAL] How Do I Add More Author Pages?[AUTHOR CENTRAL] How Do You Add Books to Your Author Page?[AUTHOR CENTRAL] How Do You Create A Custom URL For Your Author Page?[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] Can I Post My Book or Other Links to Promote in the Facebook Group?[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] Can I Suspend or Pause My Subscription & Come Back Later & All My Projects Will Be There Still?[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] Can you Add Titles / Chapters to Your Live Call YouTube Videos? [BOOK BOLT QUESTION] Can We Also Create & Upload Stuff to Esty or Other Sites?[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] Can You Upload Your Books to Other Self Publishing Websites Besides Amazon KDP?[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] Difference Between the Estimated Moving Average Sales and the Estimated Monthly Sales[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] Does Book Bolt Offer an Affiliate Program?[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] How Can I See What my Book Bolt Membership / Subscription is?[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] How Do I Get Invoices From Book Bolt?[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] How Do You Tell the Difference of a KDP Book And Non KDP Book?[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] Is There a Book to Buy That Will Help Show Me How to do Everything in Book Bolt?[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] Is There a Video About the Puzzles I Can Watch Before Upgrading to Pro?[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] KDP Spy Won't Work Properly[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] What is the Difference Between Newbie, Pro and Premium Memberships[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] What Training Videos Are Best to Watch?[BOOK BOLT QUESTION] Where Did Puzzle Wiz Go? Where Are All the Puzzles[KDP BOOKSHELF] Can I Remove Books From Amazon Once They are Live?[KDP BOOKSHELF] Can You Remove Books or Archive From Your Bookshelf?[KDP BOOKSHELF] How Will I Know When My Book on Amazon Gets Published?[KDP PUBLISHING] Can I Change my Categories on Amazon KDP After my Books are Published?[KDP PUBLISHING] Can I Use HTML in the Description Field Still?[KDP PUBLISHING] Can You Edit a Cover or your Interior that is on Amazon KDP?[KDP PUBLISHING] Can You Edit the Title of Your Book, Author Name or Other Information on KDP Once it Has Been Approved?[KDP PUBLISHING] Can You Make a Spiral / Coil Bound Books on Book Bolt to Sell on Amazon KDP?[KDP PUBLISHING] Can You Use Book Bolt to Create an Actual Book, Like a Novel?[KDP PUBLISHING] Can You Use Quotes in a Book you Create?[KDP PUBLISHING] Do I Check the Box Low Content Book for my Coloring Book or Puzzle Books?[KDP PUBLISHING] Do the Keyword Boxes Have the Same Weight or are Boxes 6 & 7 Less Important?[KDP PUBLISHING] Does KDP Frown Upon Using the Same Interior with Different Covers?[KDP PUBLISHING] Does Your Subtitle Have to Appear on the Cover?[KDP PUBLISHING] How Can I Learn to Find a Niche or Drill Down Even Deeper to Sub-Niches?[KDP PUBLISHING] How Can I Upload My PDF Book As An eBook?[KDP PUBLISHING] How Do You Create a Series on KDP[KDP PUBLISHING] How Do You Proof Your Interior Before Uploading to KDP?[KDP PUBLISHING] How Do You Reverse Search an Image?[KDP PUBLISHING] How To Upload Low & Medium Content Books To Amazon KDP?[KDP PUBLISHING] If I Need to Edit a Book That Has Been Published, Do I Need to Unpublish it First?[KDP PUBLISHING] If I Only Have a Few Pages In Color in my Book, Will They Only Charge Me The Color Price for Those Pages?[KDP PUBLISHING] If I Make One of my Books in a Different Language Can I Use the Same Cover as the English Version One?[KDP PUBLISHING] Is it Worthwhile to Add Our Books To Expanded Distribution?[KDP PUBLISHING] Is There A Way To Figure Out My Royalty on a Book Before Publishing?[KDP PUBLISHING] My Book is Still in Review After 72 Hours, is This Normal?[KDP PUBLISHING] My Book Was In Review Status For Days, Then Back to Draft, Should I Submit Again?[KDP PUBLISHING] Should / Can you Create All of your Books Under One Name?[KDP PUBLISHING] Should I Open Another KDP Account To Publish With A Different Author / Pen Name?[KDP PUBLISHING] Should I Put the Copyright Symbol In My Book?[KDP PUBLISHING] What Is the Minimum & Maximum Number of Pages You Can Use in a Book and the Royalty Amount?[KDP PUBLISHING] What Size Font is a Large Print Book?[KDP PUBLISHING] Why Does KDP Says I Have the Wrong File Format When Uploading My Book (How to Unzip Files)?[KDP PUBLISHING] Why Does Neil Always Click Page 3 When Doing Niche Research?[KDP PUBLISHING] Would the Puzzles or Templates in the Studio Be Considered AI Generated?[KDP REJECTION] During Our Review, We Found Contributors Listed For the following Book May Confuse Our Customers[KDP REJECTION] Reason’s Why Your KDP Account Could be Suspended or Banned[KDP REJECTION] Why Did KDP Reject My Book & Said That My Book is Not Low Content[KDP REJECTION] Why Did KDP Reject my Cover? Cover Do's and Don'ts[KDP REJECTION] Why Did KDP Reject my Interior? Interior Do's and Don'ts[KDP REJECTION] Why Did KDP Reject my Book For Not Having Enough Pages with Text on the Spine?[KDP REJECTION] Why Did KDP Reject my Book for to Many !!!!!![KDP REJECTION] Why Did KDP Reject my Sketch Book for Too Many Blank Pages?[KDP ROYALTIES] Can I Download Monthly Royalties Reports From KDP? (For Tax Purposes as Well)[KDP ROYALTIES] Does KDP Send Out Emails of Upcoming Payments?[KDP ROYALTIES] How Do I See How Much I Made Selling Books?[KDP ROYALTIES] If I Sell Books This Month When Will I Get Paid for it?[KDP ROYALTIES] Is There a Way to See the Costs, Price & Royalties On A Book Before Creating It?[KDP ROYALTIES] Someone Purchased My Book, Why Doesn't the Sale Show Up?[KDP ROYALTIES] When Will You Send Me My Money for the Books I Sold?[KDP ROYALTIES] Will KDP Email Me When Someone Buys One of My Books?[STUDIO] Are all the Pictures from Pixabay & Unsplash Free for Commercial Use?[STUDIO] Are There Websites That Will Tell Me the Hex Code or CMYK Code for a Certain Color?[STUDIO] Can I Change My Book Size or Make a Paperback into a Hardcover?[STUDIO] Can I Change the Order of the Pages? (Reorder)[STUDIO] Can I Clone / Duplicate a Page or Just Certain Things on a Page to Other Pages?[STUDIO] Can I Do a Border Across Two Pages in the Studio?[STUDIO] Can I Do a Two Page Spread of an Image in the Studio?[STUDIO] Can I Download Just One or a Few Pages Instead of the Whole Project?[STUDIO] Can I Make Dashed Lines in the Studio?[STUDIO] Can I Split a Project into Two Projects? Or Use Parts of a Project in my Next Book?[STUDIO] Can I Use AI Generated Art for my Book?[STUDIO] Can I Use Images From Pixabay, Unsplash or Other Free Image Sites?[STUDIO] Can You Add a Page or Multiple Pages at Once in a Project?[STUDIO] Can You Change the Font Size of Words That Have Been Grouped?[STUDIO] Can You Change the Number of Pages in a Project After It Has Been Created?[STUDIO] Can You Clone Just One Item to a Few or All Pages?[STUDIO] Can You Do an Outline of Text?[STUDIO] Can you Group Objects Together in the Studio?[STUDIO] Can You Have a Set Grid for Word Search (Ex: 16 x16 For Every Puzzle)?[STUDIO] Can You Move or Resize the Search Words at the Bottom of a Word Search?[STUDIO] Can You Put Solutions on Specific Pages?[STUDIO] Can You Put Something on the Inside Front Cover or Inside Back Cover?[STUDIO] Can You Still Create a Dot to Dot Puzzle in the Studio[STUDIO] Can You Upload Your Own Font?[STUDIO] Can You Use Book Bolt to Write a Traditional Book?[STUDIO] CMYK or RGB? Which Choice Do I Pick When I Am Ready to Download My Project?[STUDIO] Do You Have a PDF of All the Fonts You Have in the Studio?[STUDIO] How Can I Change My Project to a Different Size of Paper, Paper Type or Bleed Choice?[STUDIO] How Can I Clear One Page or a Few Inside of a Project?[STUDIO] How Can I Move Around the Work Area in the Studio Without Zooming In and Out All the Time?[STUDIO] How Can We See More Details on the Puzzles and How They Work[STUDIO] How Can You Flip a Picture Vertically, Horizontally or Mirror an Image? [STUDIO] How Do I Access the Book Bolt Studio?[STUDIO] How Do I Add Page Numbers to a Book?[STUDIO] How Do I Change My Project From Black & White to Color?[STUDIO] How Do I Move A Page?[STUDIO] How Do I Preview My Book in the Studio or See My Pages in List View?[STUDIO] How Do I Remove the KDP Guidelines Page?[STUDIO] How Do You Add a Border Around An Image?[STUDIO] How Do You Add Bullet Points in the Studio?[STUDIO] How Do You Add Text To The Spine of the Book?[STUDIO] How Do You Change the Background Color on the Cover of the Book?[STUDIO] How Do You Clear Just A Template You Used on a Page, Like Page Numbers?[STUDIO] How Do You Copy and Paste Some Words from Word or Notepad into the Studio?[STUDIO] How Do You Create a Cover Only?[STUDIO] How Do You Create an Overlapping Spine for a Composition Book?[STUDIO] How Do You Delete a Page or Multiple Pages at Once?[STUDIO] How Do You Edit the Premade Templates Inside The Studio?[STUDIO] How Do You Import a Single PDF or a Whole PDF?[STUDIO] How Do You Keep a Faded Image Behind a Dot to Dot Puzzle?[STUDIO] How Do You Make the Copyright & Other Symbols on a Book?[STUDIO] How Do You Remove a Background?[STUDIO] How Does the One Template Per Page Option / Using One Template Per Page Option When Testing or Learning Do?[STUDIO] I Created a List of Quotes in Excel, How Can I Import Them So One is on Each Page?[STUDIO] Is it Possible to See a Side by Side View of Two Pages in the Interior?[STUDIO] Is There A Ruler Option to Display in the Studio?[STUDIO] Is There a Way That I Can Save a Page or Multiple Pages as a PNG or JPG File Type?[STUDIO] Is There a Way to Download the Cover or Just One Interior Page Only?[STUDIO] Is There an Easy Way to Leave Space at the Top of My Puzzle?[STUDIO] Is There an Easy Way to Numbering My Puzzles, Like Puzzle 1, Puzzle 2, etc.?[STUDIO] Should You Change a Color Image to Greyscale / Black and White if you Picked Black & White Interior?[STUDIO] Should You Make the Back Page of a Coloring Book Image Be Black or Gray?[STUDIO] What is Bleed and No Bleed? Which Should I Pick?[STUDIO] What is the Best Way to Add an Image of My Interior to the Cover?[STUDIO] Where Can I Get a QR Code Generator?[STUDIO] Where Can I Suggest New Features or Improvements?[STUDIO] Where Do I Find the Coloring Book Pictures for my Interior?[STUDIO] Where Do We Find Dot To Dot Template / How Do We Create a Dot To Dot Puzzle?[STUDIO] Where Does Page 1 Start in a Book?[STUDIO] Why Do None or Only Some of the Solutions for Puzzles Appear / Words Are Cut Off?[STUDIO] Why Does it Take So Long to Download My Project?[HOW TO] How Can I Determine Quickly How Many Characters in a Cell of my CSV File?[HOW TO] How Can I Make a List of Words to be Random Instead of Alphabetical[HOW TO] How Can I Make the Blank Row for a Word Search Easily?[HOW TO] How Can You Make Your Word Search Be in All Lower Case, Proper Case or Upper Case Quickly?[HOW TO] How Can I Remove Hyphens (-) From Words I Collected for Word Search or Other Puzzles?